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No bolts, screws or holes are drilled into our ballistic panels. This eliminates common weak points found in most ballistic shield products.  The Compact Response Shield comes in both 21" (7.5 lb. +/-) and 26" (10 lbs. +/-) Lengths.

US PATENT 871,763,S1

Originally designed for solo officer responses to active shooter incidents, this lightweight and compact shield can be quickly deployed from the front seat of a patrol vehicle for a variety of response options. Where time is critical and immediate engagement of a lethal threat is necessary to interrupt and stop the killing, Boydd's Compact Response Shield (CRS) can provide the first responder with a high degree of confidence by expanding the degree of ballistic protection, and by providing added coverage at angles not obtainable from standard plate carriers alone. The patented design and utility of this shield allows for excellent and accurate use of both rifle and pistol weapon platforms. In addition, the molle, Velcro and D-rings on the load bearing shield cover allow for the attachment of accessories such as medical kits, tourniquets, lights, slings, ammo pouches, etc. 

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Load Bearing Shield Cover
Kydex Rifle Support Bracket
Optional Light & Sling

The load bearing shield cover is made in the USA from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. With Mil-Spec webbing and stitching this high quality 2 lb cover was designed to be durable and resilient. The cover features front padding, Molle webbing, high impact forearm padding, forearm strap, and integrated handle. Customize your shield by mounting various pouches, equipment and accessories. The top loading YKK zipper system secures your ballistic shield panel in place and allows for panel or cover swap if desired. 

The Kydex Rifle Support Brackets are made in the USA and have been designed specifically for the Boydd CRS. They are mounted to the front Molle of the cover and can be placed on either the left or right side (or both sides) depending on the user(s).  The support bracket is large enough to accommodate most rifle fore-grips and creates a steady platform for shooting while still allowing for proper sight picture. Placing your upper forearm under the bracket when shooting a pistol one handed provides a higher degree of support during recoil allowing for improved accuracy and threat acquisition when operating a shield.  

The optional Double Adjusting Shield Sling has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Boydd Products by a US Navy SEAL. Made in the USA, this patent pending sling allows the user to transport or operate the shield in a variety of positions.  You may also use your own sling if desired. 


The optional Foxfury Taker B30 600 Lumen shield light can be easily mounted on the shield cover and comes with 3 lighting modes (including strobe) by activation of the pressure switch.

the ballistic panel

LEVEL III RIFLE - Usually in Stock

Panel: Curved UHMWPE -  Edge Trim, Polyurea Coating - Buoyant

.90 Thickness (+/-)

16.5x21:  7.5 lbs (+/-), 16.5x26: Coming Soon

Warranty: 7 Year

Testing: NIJ STD 0108.01 - Level III - Rifle

Testing: NIJ STD 0115.00 - Stab Level III

7.62x51mm 147gr. M80 Ball Copper Jacket - 2779 ft/s

7.62x39mm Type 56 MSC - 2417 ft/s

5.56mm M193 Ball - 3274 ft/s

Cover and Armor.png

US PATENT 871,763,S1

special purpose ammo


Federal .308 Win. 168 Grain Tactical Bonded Tip - Surgeon CSR Sniper Rifle - 16 Inch Barrel, 1 and 10 Twist (50 Yards)

Speer Bonded Duty Gold Dot .223 62 Grain SP - Colt M4 Carbine 10.5 Inch Barrel (15 Yards)


.300 Blackout 110 Grain GMX Hornady TAP Boat Tail - .300 Blackout Rifle - 10.5 Inch Barrel Suppressed (10 Yards)

.300 Blackout 220 Grain Hornady TAP - .300 Blackout Rifle - 10.5 Inch Barrel Suppressed (10 Yards)

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